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How Danella Grew

Pride in everything we do® is the Danella guiding principle.

Since May 5, 1972, Danella has been working to make life go. For over 45 years, Jim Danella, Chairman & CEO, has built Danella Companies, Inc. to include numerous divisions and lines of business. By valuing people, safety, and integrity in all Danella’s work, the company has become an industry leader in the utility, transit, and railroad industries, as well as storm restoration and equipment rentals.

How It All Began

In 1972, Jim Danella purchased Thomas W. Faulkner, Jr. Inc., a utility construction company in Norristown, PA. From that day on, Jim began building what would be known as Danella Companies, Inc. with the invaluable help of a few remaining Faulkner employees who didn’t walk out when he took over.

Growing a Company

Originally in Norristown, the headquarters soon moved to 2290 Butler Pike in Plymouth Meeting, PA where it still is today. With this move came growth outside of Montgomery, PA into neighboring counties. Wherever Jim Danella and his team could bid on contracts and secure work, they set up shop. Soon the company grew to include not only communications and electric work, but also gas, water, and steam. Between 1972 and 1984, more than ten different businesses were formed, including entities in Ohio and Florida.

Four Decades of Turnkey Expertise

Danella’s network of divisions grew nationwide, resulting in twenty-five offices, over thirty-three equipment yards, and in excess of fifteen hundred employees today. Able to handle any project—regardless of the project’s size, scope, or location—Danella’s labor force offers customers turnkey services. An experienced labor force, vast equipment resources, management talent, highly trained staff, financial strength, and bonding capability, results in Danella delivering genuine turnkey solutions.

Continued Growth

Danella continues to expand its geographic footprint and lines of business. In 1986, Danella launched a highly successful equipment rental division, and most recently expanded into the storm restoration and railroad construction industries.

By 2001, Danella had outgrown its previous headquarters and as a result, a new headquarters to “look the part” was built at 2290 Butler Pike. This property, in addition to numerous others—including the newest maintenance building on Alan Wood Rd. in Plymouth Meeting, PA—contributes to Danella’s success.

Find out more

Discover more about Danella’s history by reading our 40th Anniversary book, published in 2012.