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Health & Wellness

A proactive commitment to wellness, and to the health of all Danella employees and their families.

Health & Wellness

Our culture revolves around excellence – including the health of our employees. The Danella environment strongly supports employees in making good lifestyle choices every day. Our Wellness Program ensures our proactive commitment to the health of all Danella employees and their families.

By each of us understanding personal risk factors and having the tools to address those concerns, we have a positive impact on our own health, the health of our employees’ families, and the health of the company overall.

Danella employees who choose to participate in the Company’s Wellness Program are eligible to receive a premium discount in the Company’s medical plan. The Company encourages all employees to participate in the Company’s wellness initiatives.

Danella is committed to giving our employees and their families the resources to improve their overall well-being. The Wellness Program is designed to promote healthy living by providing incentives and resources to improve employees’ well-being and to become more engaged in every aspect of their health and wellness. Well-being is not only the physical condition but also the mental. Our program is designed with a wide range of topics so that participants can choose the area that will personally benefit them.

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