Danella provides 360 degrees of construction and maintenance services for electric utility companies.

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The nation’s largest and most respected electric utilities rely on Danella for electrical construction and maintenance services. Our highly-skilled workforce is prepared to handle any situation in both energized and de-energized conditions with the utmost safety and efficiency.


A Wide Range of Construction Capabilities

Our electric aptitude includes an array of services, including:

  • Directional drilling
  • Aerial construction including pole, cable, and equipment installation
  • Aerial to underground transitioning/conversions
  • Underground installation of new conduit and manhole systems
  • Pre-cast manholes and field-cast manholes and manhole extensions
  • Joint trenching and facilities placement
  • Fault location and repair
  • Service and repair of existing UG systems
  • Cable installation
  • Hot and cold splicing and cable termination
  • Bridge attachment
  • Open trench facilities installation

Industry-Leading Construction Capabilities

It takes the right people and the right equipment to provide solutions that continue to set the bar in the utility construction industry. Thanks to our immensely talented workforce and vast equipment resources, we expertly handle every aspect of electric utility construction and maintenance services.

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