Providing complete design, build, or turnkey solutions for any project.

Providing complete design, build, or turnkey solutions for any project.

Engineering Services

Danella Engineering specializes in outside and inside plant engineering services for a wide range of utility, building, and construction organizations. We provide engineering, consulting, and locating services to utility firms in the telecommunications, power, gas, and water industries.

In addition, our relationship with the various construction divisions within Danella Companies allows us to provide complete design, build, or turnkey solutions for any project.

Danella Engineering is a premier provider of traditional engineering and construction services such as:

  • Project Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Route Design
  • Construction Management
  • As-built Documentation
  • GPS Surveys and Drawings
  • Bridge & Tunnel Attachment Design
  • Aerial & Underground Design
  • Civil Design
  • Professional Engineering:
    Sealed/stamped/certified designs, drawings, and reports

Outside Plant Services:

  • Cable Maintenance Activities
  • Plant Protection
    • One call ticket screening
    • Locate, mark, standby, and protect
    • Sheath integrity tests and repair
  • Right of Way Maintenance
    • ROW inspection, clearing, conflict mitigation
    • Erosion control
    • Marker maintenance and replacement
  • Cable Restoration/Rearrangement to Meet or Exceed Service Level Agreements
    • Emergency restoration
    • Locate, assess, and repair damage
    • Test individual fiber splices for compliance
    • Make permanent repairs to restore security
    • Hot cuts
    • MOP’s/Pre-plan development
  • Fiber Characterization Testing/Analysis
    • CD (chromatic dispersion)
    • PMD (polarization mode dispersion)
    • OTDR
    • Spectral Loss
    • ORL (optical return loss)
    • Splice Loss and Reflection Analysis
    • End to end system loss measurements

Inside Plant Services:

Danella has the capacity to engineer, furnish, install, and maintain ISP elements for central office, optical amp, and regenerator sites.

  • Power
    • DC plant – rectifier and batteries
    • AC switch gear
    • Power evaluations
    • Emergency generator
  • Equipment
    • ISP infrastructure installations
    • Transmission system EF&I and Mtce
    • Respond to trouble tickets, analyze problems, and change out faulty components
    • Provision network from the transport equipment to the fiber distribution panel (FDP) or equivalent
    • End to end “soak” tests
  • Alarms
    • Routine and response as required
  • Building Maintenance Activity
    • HVAC maintenance and routines
    • Building inspections and maintenance throughout
    • Fire suppression routines and maintenance